Management Fee Revenue

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Management Fee Revenue. The management fee revenue (as determined in accordance with GAAP) of Blue Owl Capital and its Subsidiaries (as defined in the Investment Rights Agreement) (determined on a consolidated basis and including incentive fees payable by any business development company) for such calendar year, as reasonably determined by Blue Owl Capital's Chief Financial Officer in good faith in a manner consistent with the Company's financial reporting, with the final amount subject to the Audited Financial... Statements. Notwithstanding the foregoing, to the extent any increase in Management Fee Revenue results from the acquisition of a business with more than $1 billion in amounts that would constitute "Management Fee Revenue" if earned by the Company during the trailing twelve (12)-month period, then for purposes of Section 3(b) and Section 6(b), the inclusion of such increase in Management Fee Revenue resulting from such acquisition will be determined subject to any consent required pursuant to Section 2.3(c) of the Investor Rights Agreement. View More
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