Management Stockholder

Example Definitions of "Management Stockholder"
Management Stockholder. A Stockholder currently employed in the management of the Company, for so long as such Stockholder is employed in such a capacity
Management Stockholder. Any Stockholder who is an employee of the Company or any of its subsidiaries. In no event shall any DLJMB Stockholder be deemed to be a Management Stockholder
Management Stockholder. Shall mean each of Michael L. Hurt, William J. Duff, Thomas F. Tatarczuch, Donald S. Wierbinski, Charles W. Nims, Craig Schuele, Gerald Ferris, Matthew F. Taylor, Edward L. Novotny, Mark Stuebe and Timothy McGowan and any Person (other than the Company and the Genstar Parties) to whom such Stockholder(s) Transfer Securities in accordance with this Agreement or any Person that the Board shall otherwise designate as such.
Management Stockholder. Any employee listed on Schedule 2.2 to the Principal Stockholders Agreement or Management Employee the Company's board of directors determines will be offered a Stock Purchase Right who has acquired any Shares pursuant to his or her exercise of a Stock Purchase Right or an Option and who has executed a copy of the Management Stockholders Agreement, this Addendum and a promissory note and pledge agreement, if applicable, or any Permitted Transferee to whom such Person has Transferred any Shares... pursuant to Section 2.1 View More
Management Stockholder. Shall have the meaning set forth in the introductory paragraph.
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