Mandatory Restatement

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Mandatory Restatement. A restatement of the Company's financial statements for 20 or any year thereafter which, in the good faith opinion of the Company's Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm, is required to be implemented pursuant to generally accepted accounting principles, but excluding any restatement which is required with respect to a particular year as a consequence of a change in generally accepted accounting rules effective after the publication of the financial statements for such year.... Notwithstanding the immediately preceding sentence, a Mandatory Restatement shall not include any restatement that (i) occurs more than three years following the first date on which that the Executive is no longer employed by the Company or (ii) in the good faith judgment of the Audit Committee of the Board (the "Audit Committee"), (A) is required due to a change in the manner in which the Company's auditors interpret the application of generally accepted accounting principles (as opposed to a change in a prior accounting conclusion due to a change in the facts upon which such conclusion was based), or (B) is otherwise required due to events, facts or changes in law or practice that the Audit Committee concludes were beyond the control and responsibility of the Executive and that occurred regardless of the Executive's diligent and thorough performance of his duties and responsibilities. In addition, in determining the amounts, if any, that the Executive shall be required to reimburse the Company pursuant to this Agreement (or that would be payable to the Executive in respect of any then in progress awards), all effects, whether positive or negative, of any change in the manner of reporting any transaction or class of transactions that the Audit Committee shall specifically agree to exclude for this purpose shall be disregarded. View More
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