Example Definitions of "Manual"
Manual. Means the DTC Commercial Paper Issuing/Paying Agent Manual, as modified from time to time, including the rules of the DTC Same Day funds Settlement System, Money Market Instruments Program.
Manual. All written compilations of the Standards. The Manual may take the form of one or more of the following: one or more loose leaf or bound volumes; bulletins; notices; videos; CD-ROMS and/or other electronic media; online postings; e-mail and/or electronic communications; facsimiles; or, any other medium capable of conveying the Manual's contents.
Manual. The then-current documents (as may be amended) eCom makes available to Reseller and Reseller Customers (either on eCom's website or in hard copy form) that contain instructions and requirements for the use of the Services. The Manual is deemed an Exhibit, for purposes of this Agreement.
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