Manufacturing Know-How

Example Definitions of "Manufacturing Know-How"
Manufacturing Know-How. Shall mean, with respect to a particular Product, all proprietary information and know-how that is necessary to make such Product, whether in the possession of UBI or Third Parties involved in the supply of raw materials or tooling (except, in the case of Third Party proprietary information and know-how, to the extent UBI does not have the right to access the same and/or to provide the same to Siemens), including but not limited to those items identified in Exhibit A, and all regulatory... documents (other than regulatory documents and approvals held by Siemens), manufacturing documentation, process sheets, Specifications, product, tooling and equipment design documents, bills of materials and other documents as reasonably requested; but excluding, in each case, HHS Technology, HHS Inventions, and Proprietary Rights in HHS Inventions View More
Manufacturing Know-How. Means the Specifications and information, including without limitation engineering designs, bill of materials, drawings, and the like, necessary to manufacture the Products, as well as the names and contact information for all of Supplier's then-current suppliers and manufacturers with respect to the Products.
Manufacturing Know-How. Means, with respect to any Product, any proprietary or non-public know-how, data, information, non-patented inventions, methods, instructions, processes, formulae, expert opinions or similar items Controlled by a Party and used or developed for use in the manufacturing of such Product.
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