Manufacturing Technology

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Manufacturing Technology. (i) United States Patent No. [**] (the "[**] Patent"), together with any patents issuing from any continuations, continuations-in-part (to the extent that the claims therein are directed to subject matter disclosed in the "[**] Patent), divisionals, substitutions, reissues, reexaminations or extensions of the "[**] Patent, and any foreign counterparts or equivalents of the foregoing, and (ii) the technical and regulatory information contained in the Manufacturing Technology Package, and (iii)... any know-how owned or controlled by Antigenics MA (with the right to grant licenses or sublicenses hereunder) existing as of the effective date of the 2006 Supply Agreement that are necessary or reasonably useful for the Manufacture of QS-21 and (iv) any Manufacturing Improvements owned or controlled by Antigenics MA or its Affiliates (with the right to grant licenses or sublicenses hereunder) whether or not claimed by a patent filed by Antigenics MA. View More
Manufacturing Technology. All know-how, information, formulations, trade secrets, data and other proprietary information Controlled by Angiotech that are in existence as of the Effective Date and are necessary for the manufacture of CT3
Manufacturing Technology. Means all technology, trade secrets, know-how and proprietary information in each case to the extent reasonably useful or necessary for the manufacture, validation, packaging, release testing, stability and/or shelf life of the Product and/or the Drug Substance in the Field, including the Product's formulation and/or other records related to the manufacturing process and that are in existence and owned or controlled by Novartis and/or its Affiliates on the Effective Date.
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