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Manufacturing. And "Manufactured" will have the appropriate derivative meanings.
Manufacturing. A Business Sector comprised of facilities at which operators conduct product manufacturing and assembly activities and that are classified under any of the following NAICS codes: all other miscellaneous textile product mills (NAICS 314999), ready-mix concrete manufacturing (NAICS 327320), metal crown, closure and other metal stamping (except automotive) (NAICS 332119), bolt, nut, screw, rivet and washer manufacturing (NAICS 332722), motor vehicle seating and interior trim manufacturing (NAICS... 336360) and other motor vehicle parts manufacturing (NAICS 336390) View More
Manufacturing. Means any and all activities related to the production of the Product. Manufacturing shall include: (a) technical and process development activities in connection with development of the manufacturing or production process for the Product and scale-up of such process; (b) manufacturing, production and packaging activities; (c) quality assurance activities; (d) testing activities, including stability testing and conformance testing; and (e) any and all other activities required to release... manufacturing lots of the Product. When used as a verb, Manufacture means to engage in Manufacturing. View More
Manufacturing. The manufacturing of the API under cGMP performed by Evonik in accordance with Customer Instruction, specifications as described in a Statement of Work, and the terms and conditions of this Agreement, and any services relating to such manufacturing provided by Evonik itself or via Evonik's subcontractors approved in accordance with Section 2.3 [Subcontractors] to Customer under this Agreement, including, but not limited to, testing, documentations, archiving, and provision of information.
Manufacturing. All activities directed to sourcing of necessary raw materials, producing, processing, packaging, labeling, quality assurance testing, release of a Licensed Product or Licensed Product candidate, whether for Development or Commercialization. When used as a verb, "Manufacture" means to engage in Manufacturing
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