Market Value per Unit

Example Definitions of "Market Value per Unit"
Market Value per Unit. Means, at any date, the closing sales price of a Unit on that date (or, if there are no sales on that date, the last preceding date on which there was a sale) on the principal national securities exchange or in the principal market on or in which the Units are traded. In the event that the Units are not traded on such an exchange or market at the time a determination is to be made hereunder, the determination will be made in good faith by the Committee.
Market Value per Unit. As of any particular date, the closing price of a one Unit as reported for that date on the New York Stock Exchange or, if the Units are not then listed on the New York Stock Exchange, on any other national securities exchange on which the Units are listed, or if there are no sales on such date, on the next preceding trading day during which a sale occurred. If there is no regular public trading market for the Units, then the Market Value per Unit shall be the fair market value as determined in... good faith by the Committee. The Committee is authorized to adopt another fair market value pricing method provided such method is stated in the Evidence of Award and is in compliance with the fair market value pricing rules set forth in Section 409A of the Code. View More
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