Marketing Services

Example Definitions of "Marketing Services"
Marketing Services. The following services that the Restricted Party or one or more of its Affiliates furnishes or may furnish for or on behalf of various producers of Hydrocarbons: (i) managing all sales-related activities and marketing of producers' Hydrocarbons, including joint venture and joint interest sales and establishing new direct market opportunities with end-users for such Hydrocarbons; (ii) acting as agent of producers' gas gathering and treating agreements for the purpose of nominating, scheduling,... monitoring daily deliveries, monitoring and resolving imbalances, and administering capacity release sales; (iii) monitoring and confirming producers' Hydrocarbons sale and transportation activities for accuracy and timeliness such as initiation of flow, volume statements, gas sales statements, transportation statements, invoices and payments, and summarizing and communicating such information to the producer; (iv) managing, in consultation with producers, contract administration for the sale, processing and transportation of producers' Hydrocarbons; (v) coordinating management, nominations and scheduling of volumes of producers' Hydrocarbons; (vi) confirming and reconciling actual volumes of producers' Hydrocarbons to producers' capacity rights; (vii) calculating, managing and monitoring pipeline imbalances; (viii) providing reporting to producers of all their Hydrocarbon sales volumes, revenues, associated transaction costs, and transportation fees; (ix) conducting marketing and operational meetings with producers and providing performance reviews; (x) negotiating the terms and conditions of third party sales agreements; (xi) performing such other services reasonably requested by producers relating to the marketing of producers' Hydrocarbons, including blending operations; and (xii) developing and assisting in the development and execution of risk management strategies using Hedges. View More
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