Example Definitions of "Markets"
Markets. The countries in which RMS markets and/or sells its products during or after the Term. For avoidance of doubt, if RMS ceases to market and/or sell products in a particular country any time during or after the Term, such country shall be excluded from the definition of Markets.
Markets. The countries and territories of the world in which the Parties mutually agree to jointly Commercialize (or have Commercialized) the SYROS Product and the QIAGEN IVD, as specified in a Schedule
Markets. Means (a) military, FEMA, and medical facilities (emergency room, urgent care, hospital, and outpatient clinic facilities), (b) adult day and nursing homes, (c) municipal pet shelters, zoos, equestrian and other veterinary facilities, (d) transportation hubs (via TSA Policy ordinances), and (e) educational facilities
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