Material Agreement

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Material Agreement. Includes any loan agreement, financing agreement, equity investment agreement or securities instrument to which Company is a party, any agreement or instrument to which Company and Investor or any Affiliate of Investor is a party, and any other material agreement listed, or required to be listed, on any of Company's reports filed or required to be filed with the SEC, including without limitation Forms 10-K, 10-Q or 8-K
Material Agreement. Means any of the following agreements: (i) that certain Software License Agreement dated November 21, 2007 between World Processing Ltd. and the Issuer; (ii) that certain agreement dated May 29, 2008 among Mercantile Bank Limited, Symelation (PTY) Limited and the Issuer; (iii) that certain branding arrangement with the Issuer, FNDS TECH (PTY) LIMITED, and Mastercard Worldwide or its affiliate, pursuant to which the Issuer and FNDS TECH (PTY) LIMITED are authorized to issue debit cards in South... Africa with the Mastercard brand; and (iv) any other agreement to which the Issuer or any of its Subsidiaries becomes a party after the date hereof, the termination of which could reasonably be expected to result in a Material Adverse Effect View More
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