Material Change

Example Definitions of "Material Change"
Material Change. Shall mean (i) a material adverse change in the Employee's duties, responsibilities or authority from those as of the date hereof (or from those relating to any status or position to which the Employee may be promoted after the date hereof) or the assignment to the Employee of any duties, responsibilities or authority which are inconsistent with Employee's status or position, or (ii) a material decrease in the Employee's base salary, except for any such decrease which is effective as to all of... the Company's officers and does not disproportionately affect the Employee. View More
Material Change. Any change in the business, operations, assets, liabilities, ownership or capital of the Company (except the transactions contemplated herein) that would reasonably be expected to have a significant effect on the market price or value of the Subscription Receipts (and underlying securities) and includes a decision to implement such a change made by the board of directors of the Company or by senior management of the Company who believe that confirmation of the decision by the board of directors... is probable View More
Material Change. The meaning ascribed to it in the Securities Act (Ontario)
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