Material New Jazz Product or Product Candidate

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Material New Jazz Product or Product Candidate. (i) a product marketed by New Jazz (or Azur as its predecessor) and/or by any Group Company having annual net sales of at least $25 million in either of two calendar years immediately preceding the date on which Employee's employment with New Jazz or any Group Company terminates for any reason, or having an annualized net sales run rate of at least $25 million in the then current calendar year (in which such employment terminates), or (ii) a product candidate of New Jazz (or Azur as its... predecessor) and/or of any Group Company that, as of the date on which such employment terminates: (A) is in Phase II or III clinical development; (B) is the subject of a new drug application or other regulatory application for marketing approval being actively prepared or submitted to the Food and Drug Administration ('FDA'); (C) for which an FDA marketing approval is pending; or (D) that has received marketing approval by the FDA but that has not yet begun to be marketed or sold. View More
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