Material Transaction

Example Definitions of "Material Transaction"
Material Transaction. Any of the following transactions: (i) the sale assignment, conveyance, transfer, lease or other disposition (including a spin- or split-off) of (A) all or substantially all of the Company's consolidated assets or (B) all or substantially all of the assets of any one of the Company's (x) Medical Imaging, (y) Ultrasound or (z) Security and Detection business units, in one or a series of related 5 transactions, unless, in the case of this clause (B), the Company reaffirms as part of the public... announcement of such transaction that it is continuing with the Company's previously announced strategic review process; (ii) the sale or transfer of a majority of the outstanding shares of the Company's common stock (through a merger, stock purchase, consolidation, business combination, tender or exchange offer, or otherwise); (iii) any dissolution or liquidation of the Company; (iv) any acquisition by the Company of a company or business that is the result of its strategic review process; (v) the issuance by the Company of any special or extraordinary dividend (and not, for the avoidance of doubt, the Company's regular quarterly dividend consistent with past practice); or (vi) any recapitalization or change in capital structure of the Company that results in the issuance, or announced intention to repurchase, in the aggregate of more than ten (10%) percent of the Company's then outstanding shares of Common Stock View More
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