Materially Adverse Amendment

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Materially Adverse Amendment. A modification, amendment or waiver to or of the terms or conditions of the Scheme or Takeover Offer (as the case may be) compared to the terms and conditions that were included in the Original Press Release as amended or superseded by the draft of the Press Release or Offer Press Announcement (as the case may be) delivered pursuant to Section 4(d) of the First Amendment that is materially adverse to the interests of the Lenders, it being acknowledged (except as otherwise agreed in writing by... the Arrangers) that a change to the consideration (other than to the extent the consideration consists of cash (in an amount per Target Share not greater than the amount already offered), common stock of the Parent Guarantor or a combination of the two) for the Target Shares would be materially adverse to the Lenders, but that a waiver of a pre-condition which then becomes a condition to be satisfied in connection with the Target Acquisition would not be materially adverse to the interests of the Lenders, and provided that any modification, amendment or waiver required pursuant to the City Code or by a court of competent jurisdiction or the Panel shall not be a Materially Adverse Amendment. View More
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