Materials of Environmental Concern

Example Definitions of "Materials of Environmental Concern"
Materials of Environmental Concern. Any substance or material that is on the date hereof or on the Closing Date prohibited, controlled or regulated by any governmental authority under any Environmental Laws, including, without limitation, chemicals, pollutants, contaminants, wastes, toxic substances, hazardous substances, petroleum, petroleum derivatives or other hydrocarbons, petroleum products, dangerous substances, designated substances, controlled products or subject waste, all as defined in or pursuant to any Environmental... Laws. View More
Materials of Environmental Concern. Any substance, material or waste that is defined, regulated, governed or otherwise characterized under any Environmental Law as hazardous or toxic or as a pollutant or contaminant (or by words of similar meaning and regulatory effect), any petroleum or petroleum products, asbestos, polychlorinated biphenyls, urea-formaldehyde insulation, molds or fungus, and radioactivity, radiofrequency radiation at levels known to be hazardous to human health and safety.
Materials of Environmental Concern. Include chemicals, pollutants, contaminants, wastes, toxic substances, petroleum and petroleum products and any other substance that is currently regulated by an Environmental Law or that is otherwise a danger to health, reproduction or the environment.
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