Matured Cross Default

Example Definitions of "Matured Cross Default"
Matured Cross Default. A default on any Designated Material Indebtedness, which default has resulted in the holder or holders of any Designated Material Indebtedness or any trustee or agent on its or their behalf becoming entitled to cause such Designated Material Indebtedness to become immediately due, or to require the immediate prepayment, repurchase, redemption or defeasance thereof, prior to its scheduled maturity; provided that a Matured Cross Default shall not be deemed to have occurred with respect to any... Designated Material Indebtedness until after the grace and/or cure period applicable to such default has lapsed and, in the case of the Convertible Notes, so long as Borrower has elected and is entitled to pay, and is paying, "Additional Interest" under, and as defined in, Section 6.02(b) of each of the indentures governing the Convertible Notes View More
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