Maximum Number

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Maximum Number. Means, as of the date of calculation, the number of shares of Common Stock that, when added to all shares of Common Stock then owned by the Warrantholder (including Common Stock issuable (i) on conversion of the Series B Preferred, (ii) as accrued but unpaid dividends on the Series B Preferred, or (iii) as accrued but unpaid license fees under the License Agreement or the Brand License Agreement), equals 80% of the outstanding Capital Stock of the Company on a Fully Diluted Basis. The Maximum... Number shall be calculated as of the date of exercise of this Warrant, and to the extent this Warrant is exercised in part, the Maximum Number with respect to any particular exercise shall be calculated anew as of the date of such exercise of this Warrant. View More
Maximum Number. Shall have the meaning set forth on Schedule I.
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