Medical and Hospital Benefits

Example Definitions of "Medical and Hospital Benefits"
Medical and Hospital Benefits. Mean the medical and hospital benefits that would have been offered to the Executive and the Executive's family members if the Executive's employment had not terminated based on the same terms and conditions applicable to non-terminated similarly situated executives (and their family member) of the Company or its successor. Notwithstanding anything 7 contained herein to the contrary, (A) any Medical and Hospital Benefits offered in accordance with this Agreement run simultaneously... with any rights to health coverage continuation available to the Executive and the Executive's family under applicable law and this Agreement shall constitute notice to the Executive and the Executive's eligible family members of any right to elect health continuation coverage under the provisions of Section 4980B of the Code, Section 601 et. al. of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, as amended, (to the extent applicable) following the expiration of the Medical and Hospital Benefits coverage period under this Agreement; and (B) if the Executive or any of the Executive's family members are covered under a group health plan of another employer, nothing in this Agreement shall obligate a plan maintained by the Company to pay benefits on a primary basis with respect to such person. View More
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