Example Definitions of "Members"
Members. The Persons in whose name Units are registered on the members schedule of the Company and who are admitted as additional or substituted Members pursuant to the LLC Agreement, so long as they remain Members, each in its capacity as a member of the Company. Reference to a "Member" means any one of the Members.
Members. All holders of Membership Units or other securities of the Company
Members. Directors who are not simultaneously Employees. Effective January 1, 1999, the above definition is amended to read as follows: Members means Directors who are not simultaneously Employees or members of the board of directors of SunTrust Banks, Inc. and who also deferred under this Plan in the 1998 Deferral Year and in each Deferral Year prior to the time for which the determination is being made.
Members. Shall mean George Hagen, Mark Yeary, Michael Mueller, Richard McWilliams, Robert Semple and Kenneth Booth, Esq., who directly or indirectly hold membership interests in KeyWorks and such additional members of KeyWorks as shall from time to time exist
Members. The persons who are members of the Company within the meaning of the Corporation Law. The Members consist of UAG Holdings and RSP Holdings and any Additional Members.
Members. Means the members of the Company as set forth from time to time on Exhibit A to the Limited Liability Company Agreement.
Members. Shall mean the Members of the Company.
Members. Shall mean customers of ZipDoctor's ZipDoctor Services.
Members. The members of the Company as set forth from time to time on the Schedule of Unitholders to the Limited Liability Company Agreement
Members. The meaning set forth in the LLC Agreement
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