Merger Event

Example Definitions of "Merger Event"
Merger Event. Means: (a) any reclassification of the outstanding shares of Common Stock (other than a change in par value, or from par value to no par value, or from no par value to par value, or as a result of a dividend, split, subdivision or combination covered by Section 3.2; (b) a consolidation, merger, combination or binding share exchange involving the Company; or (c) any sale or conveyance of all or substantially all of the property and assets of the Company to any other Person, in each case as a... result of which holders of Common Stock shall be entitled to receive cash, securities or other property or assets with respect to or in exchange for such Common Stock. View More
Merger Event. A merger or consolidation involving the Company in which holders of the Company's capital stock before the transaction beneficially own less than 50% of the outstanding capital stock of the surviving entity after the transaction
Merger Event. Means any of the following: (i) a sale, lease or other transfer of all or substantially all assets of the Company, (ii) any merger or consolidation involving the Company in which the Company is not the surviving entity or in which the outstanding shares of the Company's capital stock are otherwise converted into or exchanged for shares of capital stock or other securities or property of another entity, or (iii) any sale by holders of the outstanding voting equity securities of the Company in a... single transaction or series of related transactions of shares constituting a majority of the outstanding combined voting power of the Company. View More
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