Milestone Event

Example Definitions of "Milestone Event"
Milestone Event. Any of the First Milestone Event, Second Milestone Event and Third Milestone Event.
Milestone Event. The earlier of (i) the successful completion of a pivotal trial in pancreatic cancer, as defined by achieving the primary efficacy endpoint per the protocol, of (A) Part 2 of the Company's TYME-88-Panc clinical trial or (B) an arm of the Precision PromiseSM clinical trial with the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network using SM-88; in either case, with any such amendments or changes to the protocol resulting from FDA guidance or communications and in each case that is adequate for registration... submission and meets the primary endpoint as prespecified in the protocol provided to FDA incorporating FDA comments or (ii) FDA approval of SM-88 in any cancer indication within the United States in all cases if, and only if, the events set forth in subsections (i) or (ii) hereof occur within five (5) years of the date hereof (the Expiration Date). View More
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