Example Definitions of "Mill"
Mill. The gold and silver recovery cyanide plant located at the geographical coordinates UTM WGS84 631,000 East, 2,772,420 North in the south portion of the Sierra San Lorenzo in the state of Durango, Mexico, including the adjacent tailings pond
Mill. NPNS's pulp mill located in Pictou County in the Province of Nova Scotia, Canada
Mill. The 4-High "Steckel" rolling mill located in Building R-55 on the Real Estate, and all licenses, easements and appurtenances relating thereto, wherever located on the Real Estate, and any easements necessary for access thereto or necessary to deliver, store or ship materials thereto, and any fixtures or equipment located at the Real Estate which are primarily related to, and/or integral or primarily used in connection with the operation of the Mill, consisting of all pumps, pipes, plumbing,... cleaning, call and sprinkler systems, fire extinguishing apparatuses and equipment, heating, ventilating, plumbing, incinerating, electrical, air conditioning and air cooling equipment and systems, pollution control equipment, security systems disposals, water, gas, electrical, storm and sanitary sewer facilities, utility lines and equipment, all water tanks, water supply, water power sites, fuel stations, fuel tanks, fuel supply, and all other structures, together with all accessions, appurtenances, additions, replacements, betterments and substitutions for any of the foregoing View More
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