Mining Operations

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Mining Operations. Means every kind of work done on or in respect of the Property or the product derived from the Property during the Term by, on the behalf of or under the direction of Rocky Mountain including, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the work of assessment, geophysical, geochemical and geological surveys, studies and mapping, investigating, drilling, designing, examining, equipping, improving, surveying, bulk sampling and processing such samples, shaft-sinking, raising, cross-cutting... and drifting, searching for, digging, trucking, sampling, working and procuring minerals, including stone, crushed rock or aggregate, ores and metals, surveying and bringing any mining claims to lease or patent, the construction and maintenance of necessary access roads, drill site preparation, and all other work usually considered to be prospecting, exploration, development and mining work; in paying wages and salaries of workers engaged in the work and in supplying food, lodging, transportation and other reasonable needs of the workers including the costs of creating and maintaining a camp on or near the Property; in paying assessments or premiums for workers' compensation insurance, contributions for unemployment insurance or other pay allowances or benefits customarily paid in the district to those workers; in paying rentals, license renewal fees, taxes and other governmental charges required to keep the Property in good standing in accordance with the laws of the County of Nye, State of Nevada, United States, including the costs of claim renewal fees and permits; in purchasing or renting plant, buildings, machinery, tools, appliances, equipment or supplies and in installing, erecting, detaching and removing them; mining, milling, concentrating, rehabilitation, reclamation and environmental protection, including the cost of resolving any environmental problems associated with the work on the Property including from creating drill sites or access roads that may affect any grounds or waters surrounding the Property as may be required by any governmental agency or otherwise, and in the management of any work which may be done on the Property or in any other respect necessary for the due carrying out of the prospecting, exploration and development work; View More
Mining Operations. Any mining, extracting, producing, handling, milling, leaching, beneficiation or other processing of ores; any preparation for the removal and recovery of minerals, in-fill drilling, pre-production stripping, stripping and the construction or installation of any mill, leach facilities, or any other improvements to be used for the mining, extracting, producing, handling, milling, leaching, beneficiation or other processing of ores; actions performed during or after the foregoing to comply with... the requirements of all Environmental Laws or contractual commitments related to reclamation of the Property or other compliance with Environmental Laws; and the attendant reclamation and remediation and closure upon completion of the foregoing, including obligations or responsibilities that are reasonably expected to or actually continue or arise, such as, without limitation, future monitoring, management, treatment or stabilization. View More
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