Mobile Device

Example Definitions of "Mobile Device"
Mobile Device. Means any electronic mobile devices having telecommunication or computing functionality including without limitation a mobile phone, laptop, notebook, netbook, MP3, camera, or tablet computer (including a convertible notebook).
Mobile Device. (a) a mobile device used for any computing, communications or other services (e.g., mobile phones, tablets and wearable devices), (b) any device with a physical screen size of 9.7 inches or less, or (c) any other device that Microsoft and Yahoo! either agree in writing are Mobile Devices or both treat as mobile for purposes of rendering the user experience. Examples include, as of the Effective Date, devices such as the Apple iPhone, RIM Blackberry, Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Nokia Nseries,... Nokia Lumia, the Samsung Note, any other devices manufactured by other companies that are captured by this definition and, in the future, any devices that are captured by this definition. From time-to-time the parties shall engage in good faith discussions to modify this definition to take into account then-current trends in mobile consumer electronics and Microsoft and Yahoo!'s implementation of their respective mobile services. View More
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