Example Definitions of "Modifications"
Modifications. Means any enhancements, changes, corrections, improvements, translations, adaptations, revisions, developments, upgrades or updates to the Technology; and Modify shall mean the creation of any of the foregoing;
Modifications. Means Updates, Upgrades, and any other modifications or Derivative Technology of the LMF Software, whether made by LMF, or any third party.
Modifications. Mean substances created or made by or on behalf of the Licensee that either contain or incorporate the Material or were otherwise created through the use of the Material. For the purpose under this Agreement, pharmaceutical formulations of Material shall be considered Modifications. Notwithstanding the above, Licensee shall not chemically modify or alter the chemical structure of the Material.
Modifications. The term "Modifications" means an alteration, mutation or derivative of the First Antibody or any Subsequent Antibody invented, conceived or reduced to practice by or on behalf of Pieris, its Affiliates or its Sublicensees. For avoidance of doubt, Modification shall not mean the First Antibody or the Subsequent Antibody fused with or linked to an Anticalin.
Modifications. Means changes, upgrades, updates, modifications or enhancements to, or derivative works of, a Cox Product or Cox Service.
Modifications. Means collectively the Seller Non-material Modifications and the Purchaser Modifications.
Modifications. Replication-Competent Modifications and Replication-Incompetent Modifications.
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