MSO/DBS Devices

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MSO/DBS Devices. Equipment that directly facilitates MSO/DBS connectivity and is owned and/or controlled by cable, satellite, or other multichannel video programming distributors, including the cobranded TiVo/DirecTV box and other similar co-branded, prepackaged boxes, whose interfaces incorporate the TiVo Service, even if the DVRs that are distributed in connection with such platforms are offered for sale and/or distributed through the BBY Retail Channels and/or Other Retail Channels. For the avoidance of... doubt, standalone TiVo boxes that incorporate a cable card (e.g., fitted by a BBY employee) and that subscribe to the TiVo Service directly through TiVo are NOT considered MSO/DBS Devices. TiVo interfaces embodied on MSO/DBS Devices are excluded from TiVo's obligations hereunder View More
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