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Name. The name of the partnership enterprise is Beijing Hongyuan Recycling Energy Investment Center (limited partnership). The enterprise name and identification are owned by the general partner. In the duration of the partnership enterprise, the partnership enterprise and limited partners could use the enterprise name and identification for free in advertisement, promotion and public disclosure, but they don't have ownership or other rights over the enterprise name and identification. If (1) the... partnership enterprise is terminated, or (2) the general partner termination event occurs as specified in the agreement, or (3) the general partner transfers their assets (except for assets transferred to affiliated persons of the general partner), then use of enterprise name and identification by the partnership enterprise and limited partners shall be terminated, and the ownership of the enterprise name and identification still belongs to the general partner or assigned affiliated persons. View More
Name. "Schwab" and each name and mark based thereon or derived therefrom including, without limitation, Schwab, C. Schwab, C.R. Schwab, Charles Schwab, Charles R. Schwab, Chuck Schwab, Schwab One, Schwab Tech, CRS, and the corporate names The Charles Schwab Corporation and Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
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