NANX Background Intellectual Property

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NANX Background Intellectual Property. Intellectual Property controlled by NANX which are useful to permit SCOA or its Affiliates to perform its obligations under this Agreement and (a) were made, invented, developed, created, conceived, reduced to practice, or have a filing date before the Effective Date and are not Developed Intellectual Property; or (b) were acquired or developed by NANX during the Term of this Agreement, other than by joint acquisition or ownership with SCOA and are not Developed Intellectual Property, or (c)... are pertaining to the development of industrial or personal care formulations, devices, or packaging; or (d) mineral coating compositions that are primarily designated for use on zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, ceria, or other UV attenuating minerals. NANX Background Intellectual Property includes, with respect to each of the foregoing items, all rights in any patents or patent applications, copyrights, trade secret rights, and other Intellectual Property rights relating thereto View More
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