Nasdaq Inventions

Example Definitions of "Nasdaq Inventions"
Nasdaq Inventions. Ideas, improvements, trade secrets, know-how, data, confidential technical or business information, sales and other commercial relationships, potential sales and other commercial relationships, business methods or processes, copyrightable expression, research, marketing plans, computer software (including source code(s)), computer programs, original works of authorship, industrial designs, trade dress, developments, discoveries, trading systems, trading strategies and methodologies,... improvements, modifications, technology, algorithms and designs, (regardless of whether any of the foregoing are subject to patent or copyright protection), that are (a) made, conceived, expressed, developed, or reduced to practice by me (solely or jointly with others) during or as a result of my employment with the Company or using Company Property and (b) which relate in any manner to the Company, the business of the Company (including the services the Company provides to any of the Company Parties), or my engagement by the Company. View More
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