Nature of Units

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Nature of Units. The Units represent the right to receive, in certain circumstances, a number of Shares determined in accordance with the Long-Term Incentive Statement and these terms and conditions. Until such time (if any) as Shares are delivered to you, you will not have any of the rights of a common stockholder of the Company with respect to those Shares, your rights with respect to the Units and those Shares will be those of a general creditor of the Company, and you may not sell, assign, transfer, pledge,... hypothecate, give away, or otherwise dispose of the Units. Any attempt on your part to dispose of the Units will result in their being forfeited. However, you shall have the right to receive a cash payment (the "Dividend Equivalent Payment") with respect to the Units (if any) that vest pursuant to this Award Certificate, subject to withholding pursuant to Section 6 below, in an amount equal to the aggregate cash dividends that would have been paid to you if you had been the record owner, on each record date for a cash dividend during the period from the Grant Date through the settlement date of the Units, of a number of Shares equal to the number of Units that vest under this Award Certificate. The Dividend Equivalent Payment shall be made on such settlement date. You shall not be entitled to receive any payments with respect to any non-cash dividends or other distributions that may be made with respect to the Shares. View More
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