Necessary Claims

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Necessary Claims. Claims (a) of a patent or patent application that Microsoft now or hereafter owns or otherwise has the right to license to Company, without the payment of any royalty or other amounts to any unaffiliated third party, that (b) are necessarily infringed by implementation of the Security Feature or the Wireless Feature. For purposes of the foregoing, a claim is a Necessary Claim only when it is not possible to avoid infringement, because there is no technically reasonable, non-infringing... alternative implementation. Further, notwithstanding the foregoing, Necessary Claims do not include any claims: (1) other than those set forth above, even if contained in the same patent or patent application as Necessary Claims; (2) to any enabling technologies that may be necessary to make or use any product (or a portion thereof) or combination that implements the Security Feature or the Wireless Feature (such as hardware, semiconductor manufacturing, compiler, object-oriented, operating system, protocol, programming interface or networking technologies); (3) covering the implementation of other published specifications that may be referenced in the Microsoft Materials; or (4) to the extent such claim covers any product (or portion thereof) or combination, the purpose or function of which is not included in the Security Feature or the Wireless Feature View More
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