Neman Founder Holder

Example Definitions of "Neman Founder Holder"
Neman Founder Holder. Means (a) Mr. Neman, (b) Mr. Neman's spouse, lineal descendant or antecedent, father, mother, brother, sister, adopted child or adopted grandchild; (c) the spouse of Mr. Neman's child, adopted child, grandchild or adopted grandchild; (d) a trust for the exclusive benefit of Mr. Neman or Mr. Neman's family members as described in this Section 1.18 (including, without limitation, the Jonathan Neman 2014 GRAT and the Jonathan Neman Revocable Trust U/T/A dated October 7, 2016); and (e) an Affiliate... of Mr. Neman. View More
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