Net Ancillary Rights Income

Example Definitions of "Net Ancillary Rights Income"
Net Ancillary Rights Income. Means the aggregate gross revenue received by NASCAR and all NASCAR Rights Affiliates, during the calendar year in which the Event is held, as a result of the exploitation of Ancillary Rights and Live Broadcast Rights, reduced by (i) Live Broadcast Income received during the relevant calendar year, and (ii) the aggregate of all reasonable deductions of NASCAR or the NASCAR Rights Affiliates, including but not limited to ordinary business expenses, amortization, depreciation and federal and... state income and property taxes; provided, however, that in no event shall Net Ancillary Rights Income include income, revenue or any other consideration received or generated by NASCAR for the license of, assignment of, or other transfer of rights in or to, any NASCAR Intellectual Property, including without limitation transfers in connection with the sale, advertising or promotion by NASCAR or any third party of products or services of any nature. View More
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