Net Investment Amount

Example Definitions of "Net Investment Amount"
Net Investment Amount. The cumulative amount, as of the applicable Determination Date, equal to the sum of all expenses (excluding depreciation and amortization associated with fixed asset and leasehold improvement expenditures approved as of and after the Reference Date) and funded amounts not recorded as an expense paid from the Reference Date through the applicable Determination Date by StepStone on behalf of or through the Company, including the Company's portion of the costs of Shared Services for such period,... as reduced by all such expenses and funded amounts that were not a reduction to the Net Purchase Price on a prior Closing. For the avoidance of doubt, and without limitation, the following shall not be included in the definition of "Net Investment Amount": (i) organizational and operating costs ("O&O Costs"), notwithstanding the status or timing of the reimbursement for such O&O Costs from a retail Fund; and (ii) costs associated with StepStone's role as sub-advisor to retail Funds or as advisor/sponsor of feeder funds, including marketing, investor meetings, due diligence support, product support and other related costs. View More
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