Net Orderly Liquidation Value

Example Definitions of "Net Orderly Liquidation Value"
Net Orderly Liquidation Value. A professional opinion of the probable Net Cash Proceeds that could be realized at a properly advertised and professionally conducted liquidation sale, conducted under orderly sale conditions for an extended period of time (usually six to nine months), under the economic trends existing at the time of the appraisal
Net Orderly Liquidation Value. As to Eligible Equipment, at any time, the value of such Eligible Equipment, determined on an orderly liquidation basis, reduced by commissions, fees, costs and expenses reasonably contemplated in connection with the liquidation thereof, as set forth in the most recent appraisal delivered, at the sole cost and expense of Borrower, to Lender, as to the Eligible Equipment, in form, scope, and methodology acceptable to Lender and performed by an appraiser acceptable to Lender, addressed to Lender... and upon which Lender is permitted to rely View More
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