Net Proceeds

Example Definitions of "Net Proceeds"
Net Proceeds. The entire proceeds of any insurance required under clauses (i) or (iv) of Paragraph 14(a), less any actual and reasonable expenses incurred by Landlord in collecting such proceeds.
Net Proceeds. The entire proceeds of any property casualty insurance required under Paragraph 13(a), less any actual and reasonable expenses incurred by Landlord or Tenant in collecting such proceeds
Net Proceeds. Means an amount equal to the Gross Proceeds, less the applicable Underwriting Amount payable to FBS, an Affiliate of Fantex, and such other underwriters selected by Fantex (together, the "Underwriters").
Net Proceeds. With respect to a Transaction, the aggregate dollar value of the consideration actually received pursuant to the terms of such Transaction (excluding any assumption of liabilities or other indebtedness by any counterparty and any Deal Costs incurred by the Company in connection with the Transaction but, for purposes of clarification, including payments hereunder. Any consideration received in the form of property or securities will be deemed to have the value of such consideration, as... determined in good faith by the Administrator. View More
Net Proceeds. Means the gross proceeds generated from an Eligible Event, less a reduction for all outstanding debts, liabilities, obligations of Wainwright, USCF and/or USCF Advisers to its employees, managers, members agents and advisors (which may include USCF employees discretionary bonus pool amount) and any costs or expenses incurred or allocated in connection with such Eligible Event.
Net Proceeds. The gross amount of cash raised in a new financing minus commissions and legal costs
Net Proceeds. Means, with respect to a Permitted Common Equity Financing, the difference of (x) the aggregate proceeds received by Parent in respect of such Permitted Common Equity Financing less (y) any out-of-pocket underwriting or placement agent fees or cash commissions paid to a registered broker-dealer acting as underwriter or placement agent and that is not an officer, director or Affiliate of Parent or any Parent Subsidiary or any of their respective 'associates' or 'immediate family' members (as... such terms are defined in Rule 12b-2 and Rule 16a-1 of the Exchange Act), and that are documented and reasonably incurred by Parent in connection with such Permitted Common Equity Financing View More
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