Net Purchase Price

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Net Purchase Price. In respect of any Acquired Interest, an amount equal to the sum of: (i) the Gross Purchase Price; minus (ii) the product of (A) the Reference Date Net Investment Amount multiplied by (B) the Applicable Sale Percentage; minus (iii) the Net Investment Amount through the applicable Determination Date; plus (iv) all cash as shown in the balance sheet of the Adviser as of the applicable Determination Date, increased by accrued, but not yet received revenue and decreased by accrued, but not yet paid... expenses as of the Determination Date, less any distributions paid to CH between the Determination Date and Closing Date; plus (v) unamortized amounts associated with fixed asset and leasehold improvement expenditures approved as of and after the Reference Date. For the avoidance of doubt, no interest factor will be applied to the Reference Date Net Investment Amount or the Net Investment Amount. View More
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