Net Revenue

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Net Revenue. The net amount of revenue attributable to Seller Products, associated Support Services and Seller Services as recognized by Purchaser in accordance with US GAAP applied in accordance with Purchaser's then-existing corporate policies, less product returns, royalties paid by Purchaser to third parties for the Seller Products or Seller Services, discounts including but not limited to customer and distributor discounts, and excluding amounts invoiced for any other product, shipping, taxes, duties... or other similar amounts View More
Net Revenue. Has the meaning set out in Appendix D
Net Revenue. The gross amount collected by [*] from any third party in connection with the [*] on the [*] less (i) [*]; (ii) [*]; and (iii) [*]
Net Revenue. The gross amount received by Stein Mart for the sale of each item of Merchandise, whether for cash or for credit, reduced by all shipping, insurance, sales taxes, value added taxes and other excise taxes required to be paid in connection with any such sale, adjustments, allowances, credits or refunds to customers on transactions previously included in gross sales, and the amount of the discount in the event of a sale to any employee of Stein Mart or Supplier. In calculating the gross amount... received by Stein Mart, there shall be excluded all returns to manufacturers or shippers, transfers, sales and exchanges among Shoe Departments, to other locations as requested by Supplier and sales not in the ordinary course of business; provided, however, that discounts for sales to employees, associates and similar persons shall only be in accordance with Stein Mart's normal policies in effect from time to time and shall in no event exceed 25% of the otherwise applicable price for the Merchandise View More
Net Revenue. Shall mean gross receipts collected by Company or Reseller from the distribution of Company Products, [less third party commissions, equipment sales, delivery costs, taxes, refunds, and credits
Net Revenue. Means gross revenue earned from commercial sales of Products and Services, including pursuant to sublicenses, if any, net of sales tax (and excise, VAT and other similar taxes), returns, affiliate fees paid by Licensee and promotions (e.g., discounts), relating to such sales calculated in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles; Net Revenue shall exclude (i) affiliate income earned by Licensee from Licensor in connection with Licensor's other business activities, if any, and... (ii) third-party products and agreements (e.g., ProVEDA) that involve Deepak Chopra and/or use the Deepak Chopra name, provided that such third-party products and agreements do not use the Licensed Intellectual Property or the Purchased Assets, as defined in the APA. Additionally, Seller Deferred Revenue Liability (net of any amounts that would be netted in calculating Net Revenue) assumed by Licensee at Closing shall be deducted from Net Revenue for purposes of calculating the Royalty Fee. For avoidance of doubt, customer funds collected by Licensor prior to Closing to the extent relating to enrollments in the Chopra Health Retreat scheduled to take place after the Closing and transferred to Licensee will be included in the calculation of Net Revenue for purposes of calculating the Royalty Fee. View More
Net Revenue. Means, without duplication, the portion of the net revenue share actually paid to Paymentus Corporation pursuant to Section 2 of Exhibit E ("Fee, Revenue Share and Accelerated Growth Exhibit") of the SOW.
Net Revenue. The gross revenue invoiced in connection with sales of the Licensed Products to any person or entity that is not an Affiliate or a Sublicensee of ProPhase under the License, after deduction of all the following: (a) expenses directed to shipping, such as freight, insurance, import/export fees and other transportation charges to the extent added to the sale price and set forth separately as such in the total amount invoiced; (b) taxes on sales and customs and excise duties and other taxes or... duties, to the extent added to the sale price and set forth separately as such in the total amount invoiced; (c) typical credits, discounts, or refunds on returns, including amounts repaid or credited by reason of rejection, defects, return good allowance, recalls or returns; (d) seven percent (7%) of marketing expenses specifically directed to Licensed Products or portion thereof; (e) the portion of administrative fees paid to group purchasing organizations, pharmaceutical benefit managers or Medicare Prescription Drug Plans directed to such Licensed Product or portion thereof and (f) any royalty payments actually paid to Third Parties that are necessary and required to market Licensed Product in a particular territory .. Net Revenue shall be determined on a Licensed Product-by-Licensed Product basis. If ProPhase, its Affiliates or Sublicensees separately sells in such country, a Combination Product, the Net Revenue attributable to such Combination Product shall include a deduction in the amount of the lesser of the actual or fair market value of the different active ingredient provided that said amount does not reduce the Net Revenue received by Global for Licensed Product not sold as a combination View More
Net Revenue. The Gross Sales Revenue less all Discounts and applicable excise taxes.
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