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Net Revenues. Royalty-Bearing Product revenues recognized by AutoCath and its sublicenses during the relevant measurement period. However, if AutoCath and its sublicensees have no separate sales of the Royalty-Bearing Product in any such instances for the period, the Net Revenue for the Royalty-Bearing Product shall be determined by reasonably allocating the amount received between the Royalty-Bearing Product and the other material or technology based on the respective manufacturing costs thereof.
Net Revenues. The gross amount actually received by NetSuite KK or its other Affiliates for Sales of the Localized Product by NetSuite KK or the Affiliate, as the case may be; less: (i) all credits, discounts, refunds and rebates actually given by NetSuite KK or its Affiliate to the purchaser; (ii) sales and value added taxes actually paid by the purchaser to NetSuite KK or the Affiliate, excluding what is commonly known as income taxes; and (iii) any credits issued by NetSuite under Section 6.6.
Net Revenues. Of the Company means the consolidated revenues of the Company and its Subsidiaries net of pass-through expenses, determined on a consistent basis between periods, determined in the same manner as, and using the same principles and policies used in calculating, the Gross Profit line item on the Consolidated Statement of Operations included in the Company's audited, consolidated 2004 financial statements.
Net Revenues. The gross cash receipts the Party or it Affiliate obtains from any unrelated third party in respect of the Product, [* * *].
Net Revenues. The gross amounts received from third parties in connection with the sale, use, sublicense or other disposition of a Patented Product anywhere in the world, less (a) any allowances actually made and taken for returns, (b) shipping, packaging (excluding usual packaging of the product), and insurance costs actually paid; (c) cash discounts and promotional allowances actually allowed in amounts and for purposes customary in the trade; and (d) import, export, excise, value added, sales, use, and... excise taxes, shipping charges, and tariffs and custom duties incurred in connection with any such sale, use or other disposition. View More
Net Revenues. The gross revenues generated and actually received by Entera, directly or indirectly, from the sales, lease or other transfer of the Licensed Patent and/or of any products covered by the Licensed Patent and/or related services and/or any other exploitation of the Licensed Patent, less (i) research and development expenses incurred by Entera that directly relate to the Patent or the products that generated such revenues, and all sales and marketing expenses and manufacturing and production of... product costs (COGS) incurred by Entera that directly relate to such revenues, in each case as reflected in Entera's audit financial statements in accordance with the accounting standards used by Entera, and (ii) the amounts paid by Entera, which are separately stated on the corresponding invoice or receipt and directly applicable to the Patent or products and services covered by it, as the case may be, for VAT or similar taxes, freight charges, export packing and crating expenses, cost of returned products, wholesale discounts and quantity discounts. The fair market value of non-monetary consideration received in connection with the foregoing, shall be calculated based on the fair market value of such consideration or transaction assuming an arm's length transaction made in the ordinary course of business View More
Net Revenues. The revenues actually received by Licensee solely from the sale, use, display, license or other economic exploitation of the Licensed Rights strictly within the scope and in accordance with the license described in Section 2.1 hereof, less (i) third party marketing and sales expenses and distribution costs (ii) shipping and taxes (if a part of the gross sales price so invoiced), and (iii) net of refunds, discounts, or other financial settlements which are given by Licensee in the ordinary... course. View More
Net Revenues. The amount of gross revenues that Lessee generates from all sources, including but not limited to the Domain Names, after deducting: i. credits for returns and normal trade discounts, ii. any tax, except income tax, that Lessee is required to pay on the sale of Travel Products or to withhold from payments to Lessor. If Lessee chooses to use third parties to handle Travel Products other than Pay Per Click or Banner Advertising, Net Revenues are equal to gross revenue paid by the consumer to the... third party handling the sale and Lessor's Royalty is a function of the gross booking. View More
Net Revenues. The revenues received by Nano from the sale of Approved Systems. Net Revenues do not include any amounts which are (a) collected by Nano as sales tax, use tax, or other taxes; or (b) refunded or otherwise credited to the Person from whom Nano received such amounts; provided, however, that the calculation for Net Revenues shall add back the dollar amount of any set-offs or other types of credits paid, or reductions to the purchase price for, amounts Nano may otherwise owe, to such customer for... matters unrelated to the sale of Approved Systems. For purposes of determining Net Revenues, revenues from Approved Systems sold by Nano on credit shall not be considered received by Nano unless and until such payments are actually collected by Nano View More
Net Revenues. During a specified period and with respect to a given Product shall mean K2's gross revenues, less returns and allowances and net of applicable commissions (provided such commissions shall not exceed 25% for purposes of this calculation), as determined in accordance with U.S. generally accepted accounting principles by K2's independent certified public accounting firm, which firm shall be a firm of national or regional standing and reasonably acceptable to the Assignors.
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