Net Selling Price

Example Definitions of "Net Selling Price"
Net Selling Price. Of a Product means the total sales revenue for such Product (including any amounts for rental or leasing of such product), excluding charges for returns, rebates, credits, post-sale adjustments, including adjustments for doubtful accounts, outbound prepaid or allowed transportation charges, sales taxes, tariffs or duties directly imposed with reference to particular sales or similar items.
Net Selling Price. The gross selling price of the Licensed Products in an arms-length transaction for cash between unaffiliated parties, less the following charges to the extent they are included in the gross selling price and are separately billed to the customer: (i) special taxes, including purchase, sales, import, export, excise, if any; (ii) custom duties; (iii) freight and transportation from place of manufacture to the customer's premises; and (iv) cash discounts, returns, or refunds.
Net Selling Price. Means the average price paid for a unit of Product by all customers in the United States during a given period of time based on EyePoint's and its Affiliates' net Product revenue reported in its financial statements for such period divided by the total number of units of Product sold by EyePoint and its Affiliates to its distributors during the corresponding period. Net product revenue will include deductions for (a) returns, credits, allowances, discounts and rebates (including volume-based... rebates) to the account of such customers, (b) an allowance for bad debts, and (c) fees actually paid to distributors and specialty pharmacies for distribution of such Product, in each case of (a) through (c), as determined in accordance with GAAP. For avoidance of doubt, any Product shipped by EyePoint or its Affiliates or distributors as samples are specifically excluded from this calculation. View More
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