Net Sublicensing Revenues

Example Definitions of "Net Sublicensing Revenues"
Net Sublicensing Revenues. Shall mean, with respect to any Commission-Bearing Product, the aggregate cash consideration received by Imprimis or its Affiliates in consideration for the (sub)license under the applicable Acquired IP Rights by Imprimis or its Affiliates to a Sublicensee with respect to such Commission-Bearing Product (excluding amounts received to reimburse Imprimis or its Affiliates for research, development or similar services conducted for such Commission-Bearing Product after signing the agreement with... such Sublicensee, in reimbursement of patent or other out-of-pocket expenses relating to such Commission-Bearing Product, or in consideration for the purchase of any debt or securities of Imprimis or its Affiliates). Notwithstanding the foregoing, if the applicable Member/Customer and Imprimis have mutually agreed to a different definition of "Net Sublicensing Revenues" for purposes of calculating the royalties owing to such Member/Customer for a Commission-Bearing Product, then such different definition shall supersede the foregoing definition for purposes of calculating the commission owing to PCCA for such Commission-Bearing Product under this Agreement to allow for a uniform calculation of royalties owing to such Member/Customer and PCCA with respect thereto. View More
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