Net Working Capital

Example Definitions of "Net Working Capital"
Net Working Capital. Shall mean the total current assets (excluding current income Tax assets) of the Companies less the total current liabilities (excluding current liabilities for income Taxes) of the Companies.
Net Working Capital. Means the difference between (a) the sum of the aggregate values of net Accounts Receivable (reduced by reserves and distributor price adjustments) and net Inventory (reduced by related inventory reserves but excluding any Distributor Inventory) as of the Closing Date to be provided by Seller pursuant to Section 5.16, minus (b) the sum of the aggregate value of Accounts Payable and accrued liabilities relating solely to Inventory (i.e., work-in-process) as of the Closing Date to be provided by... Seller pursuant to Section 5.16 View More
Net Working Capital. All uses of the defined term "Net Working Capital" throughout the Merger Agreement shall be deleted in their entirety each time it appears therein, including any ancillary or related language such as "or", "and", "in each case" and/or "respectively", as applicable.
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