New Convertible Notes

Example Definitions of "New Convertible Notes"
New Convertible Notes. The Company's 5.25% Convertible Senior Notes due 2019.
New Convertible Notes. Means up to $287.5 million aggregate principal amount of convertible senior notes issued by Plug Power on or prior to May 26, 2020; provided that to the extent any portion of such amount will be issued pursuant to a greenshoe option, such portion may be issued after May 26, 2020; provided further that that such notes shall not have (i) a final maturity date, amortization payment, sinking fund, mandatory redemption or other repurchase obligation or put right at the option of the lender or holder... of such Indebtedness earlier than one hundred eighty-one (181) days following the Maturity Date under the Note (other than mandatory redemptions, repurchase obligations or put rights in connection with a change of control or fundamental change (it being understood that a holder's option to convert any such notes into equity interests of Plug Power (and cash in lieu of fractional shares) and/or cash (in an amount determined by reference to the price of such equity interests shall not be considered a mandatory redemption, repurchase obligation or put right), (ii) any covenants that are more restrictive on Plug Power in any material respect than the covenants set forth in the Note or (iii) any other material terms (other than conversion premium and "make-whole" conversion rate adjustments) more favorable to the holder of such New Convertible Notes than the analogous material terms in the Note are to the Holder, including applicable interest rates. View More
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