New Investor Syndication

Example Definitions of "New Investor Syndication"
New Investor Syndication. Means any Transfer by the New Investor, in one or more transactions within one hundred eighty (180) days following the date hereof, of a number of Shares acquired by the New Investor pursuant to the Purchase Agreement with an aggregate Original Purchase Price of up to $110,000,000 (the "Syndication Cap"), to one or more entities controlled by Silver Lake Management Company V, L.L.C. or its Affiliates (each, an "Aggregator"); provided that no member or limited partner (other than Silver Lake... Management Company V, L.L.C. or its Affiliates) of an Aggregator is a Healthcare Entity; provided, further, that the Syndication Cap shall be reduced dollar-for-dollar for the Original Purchase Price of any Shares acquired by (a) an Aggregator which is not otherwise an Affiliate at the Closing or (b) Red Ventures Holdco, LP or any of its Subsidiaries. View More
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