New Licensed Design

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New Licensed Design. For the purpose of determining whether a Licensed Design is a New Licensed Design that is subject to the Licensed Design Fee, it shall be considered a New Licensed Design if it is sent for manufacture by Licensee or manufacture by a foundry and is a combination of (a) any portion of Parthus Designs or Licensed Materials and (b) Licensee's circuitry, either of which creates a material change or addition to the functionality or performance of an existing Licensed Design. A Licensed Design which... represents a bug fix, error correction or process migration to an existing Licensed Design shall not be a New Licensed Design and shall not be subject to the Licensed Design Fee so long as there is no change in the functionality of the Licensed Design. To avoid further confusion, any Licensed Design which is given a new part number by Licensee shall also be considered to be a New Licensed Design and subject to the Licensed Design Fee. View More
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