NMTC Recapture Amount

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NMTC Recapture Amount. The amount equal, on an After-Tax Basis, to the sum, as determined by the Accountants, necessary to be paid to the Investor to cause the Internal Rate of Return to the Investor on its Fund Capital Contribution through and including the date of the notice of the applicable NMTC Recapture Event to equal the Target Rate of Return. For purposes of determining the NMTC Recapture Amount, all assumptions and methods (including but not limited to, timing of tax credit recognition and IRR) will conform... to those used in the Financial Projections. All tax benefits and obligations, as determined by the Accountants, realized by the Investor as a result of its Fund Capital Contribution plus any interest and penalties resulting from the NMTC Recapture Event will be considered in the determination of the NMTC Recapture Amounts. View More
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