Example Definitions of "NO COMPETING"
NO COMPETING. 5.2 The Guarantor declares that it has received no security from OGIL or any other surety for the giving of this Guarantee and the Guarantor undertakes not to take or receive any security in respect of the Guarantor's liability under this Guarantee. If the Guarantor nevertheless does take or receive any such security, it shall forthwith pay or transfer (as the case may be) such security over to PPL.
NO COMPETING. No change whatsoever in the constitution of the Guarantor shall affect its liability or the liability of its successors under this Guarantee or affect the validity of or discharge this Guarantee and this Guarantee shall be binding on the Guarantor notwithstanding any change that shall subsequently take place in its constitution whether by amalgamation, reconstruction or otherwise and in the event of any such amalgamation, reconstruction or change taking place as aforesaid, this Guarantee shall... operate as though it had been originally given by such new or amalgamated or reconstructed company or concern and as if the liability thereto or thereunder had commenced at the date of this Guarantee. View More
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