Non-Principal Collections

Example Definitions of "Non-Principal Collections"
Non-Principal Collections. Non-Principal Collections means the sum of (a) Collections of interest and all other non-principal charges (including insurance service fees and handling fees) on the Receivables, provided that if the Master Servicer does not allocate such non-principal charges to specific Receivables, the amounts received shall constitute Non-Principal Collections pursuant to this clause (a) if they are paid by a Dealer which is an obligor of an Account; (b) all Recoveries; provided, that any Recoveries or... other amounts received up to the Reimbursement Amount with respect to a Credit Insurance Receivable shall be deemed not to be Collections or otherwise Collateral for any purposes hereof; (c) all interest and earnings on investments included in the Excess Funding Account (as defined in the Indenture), net of losses and investment expenses; (d) payments by Dealers of Manufacturer Discount Amounts (including amounts deemed to be payments of such Manufacturer Discounts Amounts); (e) payments by Manufacturers of Manufacturer Subsidy Amounts; (f) amounts deemed to be collections of interest and non-principal charges by or on behalf of Dealers; (g) amounts received under or in connection with any Credit Insurance to the extent not allocated by the Master Servicer as Principal Collections in accordance with its current practices and (h) the product of (i) any other Collections not described in the preceding clauses (a) through (g) of this definition, multiplied by (ii) the Discount Factor. View More
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