Non-Recurring Items

Example Definitions of "Non-Recurring Items"
Non-Recurring Items. Include any unusual or infrequent accounting items included in GAAP operating profits such as: (i) gains on sales of assets not otherwise included in revenue; (ii) losses on sales of assets, restructuring charges, merger-related costs including amortization or impairment of acquisition-related intangible assets, asset write-offs, write-downs, and impairments whether or not included in COGS, SG&A or R&D expenses; (iii) the events or occurrences listed in Section 7(B); and (iv) except with... respect to any 162(m) Award, such other items as the Committee may determine at its sole discretion. The Committee will determine, in its sole discretion, whether to include or exclude any or all of the above described Non-Recurring Items as part of Operating Profit Margin. View More
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